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Today you have found the beginning of your new body shape forever, let me explain why.

Callanetics is a pure toning program unlike any other. Students exercise using safe and injury free techniques which are suitable for any age, any shape and any level of fitness.


Each muscle group is warmed up and then by using is a classic forward and back pulsing movement or a lift or flick rotation. This will work and confuse the muscles then stretched to ensure total body reshape increasing strength flexibility and endurance.

These techniques (small movement) create rapid results. Just one hour of Callanetics exercises has the tightening and lifting value of 24 hours of cardio at the gym.

The only competition we have is plastic surgery!

What makes us different from other exercise classes?

This program is non-impact, easy on the joints, tendons, and ligaments. No jarring and no fast moves. Every movement is controlled making it comfortable. Exercises for everyone no matter.

The program is versatile and can be tailored for pregnancy with the approval of medical practitioner, helping you stay strong and flexible before and after birth.

Callenetics is also a great alternative to Yoga and Pilates.



Libby Anderson

Libby is the owner and senior teacher of Studio North Glasgow (MAE Technique/Callanetics)

I walked into my first Callanetics class in 2002 and I knew there and then after that one class that I had found the perfect exercise programme for me.

After meeting the very energetic and demanding (in the best possible way) Mary Adams, it was a marriage made in heaven.

I continued to study with Mary for 5 years before making the life-changing decision to become a teacher myself.


After many months of hard one on one training by Mary, I graduated from a student to become a fully qualified senior teacher and I opened up my very own studio in 2007 which continues to flourish even after over 10 years in business.

As a senior teacher I also have the knowledge to give a work out to disabled people and people with very bad injuries, so even if you have old or new injuries I can help you to get back into exercise.


Laura Dunbar

I became a teacher in 1993 when I was 21 and I've been going to Callanetics since I was 20. I'm also qualified as a senior teacher.


Janey McGrath

I started Callanetics in 1998 and trained in 2005 and have been teaching for 13 years now.


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